Run: Mount Sanitas x 2 (6.10 mi)

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My heel is healing but not fast enough. I am putting Neosporin on it constantly now. I sleep in a sock so it doesn’t leak all over the bed. It hurts when I start moving because its all hard. Then it breaks open and I can flex it. So I put an Activ-Flex Band-Aid on it, wrap with some tape, and lace up. Wish it would heal. I think I should just throw the shoes that caused this in the trash. No use repeating this some day.

Well, it is Wednesday post-training. The sun was out. Sanitas was calling! How many more dry trips up there can I fit in? Today would be an easy one so I went for it. Dropped off Sydney at school and shot down there. Started up cold — no warm-up. Jeff and I keep chatting about this but I tend to do better time-wise with no warm-up. The downside — I feel shitty most of the way up.

I was running it harder today. I could tell. My legs were fresh but my gut was off this morning. I had this ab tightness that was not comfortable. I don’t know what it is but it has creeped up now and then lately. I pushed through it. I found myself not transitioning to the power hike on the steps as quickly. I was trying to get a few good bounds up each set on the run before settling back down. In retrospect, I was “driving it like I stole it” — felt like I was on and off the gas way too much. Not steady and that probably hurts things overall.

I never watch the clock on Sanitas — probably should. I just go and see how it turns out. As I hit the last set of steps, I was gassed. I could not bound up them like I had hoped to. I know I always lose a lot of time on that final set. But I got up them and tapped the pole:

20:07 – SON OF A BITCH!

It was a PR by 1:18 but c’mon — 8 more seconds and I would have achieved my goal for the season. That sucked. I could have pulled out 8 seconds somewhere. That was a single run vs. walk over some small section. Or that slower song that came on the iPod that I had to skip through. Or going shirtless! Oh well. Always next week.

BTW, I was browsing some FKT stuff and came across reports of sub-15 on this route. Geezus.

Came back down in 22. Nice and easy. Didn’t push the downhill at all because I was debating saving my legs for another hard trip up. Hit the bottom and started right back up so I couldn’t talk myself out of it. Legs were instantly a lot more mushy this time around. The month away from this place took its toll on me. I am definitely not as sharp as I was on that terrain as before. Pavement is my home these days but that will change. Topped out again in 24. Then descended in 19 — running nice and fast on the downhill.

It was a good outing and I can’t hate on the PR. But the heel was nagging with every step as the shoe touched it. I wore my new NB MT100s. Jury is out. I like the lightness. However, I feel like my foot moves so much in them. When descending the rocks, I am constantly sliding and jamming up the toebox. So uphill and flats, it is all good. Steep downhill, not so great. I probably need to lace them up tighter next time.

In reviewing our new 2010 benefits at work, I found they have a “Track Your Fitness” program where you enter your minutes of exercise per day for each day of the quarter. If it totals over 1450 minutes, you get $100. So 4 quarters a year — $400. I started putting in this quarter, which we aren’t even 1/2 through yet and I ended up higher than I needed to be already. So now I totally feel like I am getting paid to run. Does that count as “pro runner” yet?

Cisco - Track Your Fitness (Oct - Dec) Entry

I went 6.10 miles with an elevation gain of 2,624 feet in 01:27:18, which is an average pace of 14:18. View my GPS data.

  • jeffvalliere

    Dang! Nice work! I have to start watching my back…

  • Probably won’t be needing to watch in front of you for years to come!

  • skatona

    Do you do that counter-/clockwise?

  • Jim P.

    Congrats on the PR. And, dag, seven lousy seconds! You’ll get it this year. More warm days ahead.

  • I do it all clockwise. Up Mount Sanitas Trail, down East Ridge to the Sanitas Valley Trail. Time are from the end of the bridge by the pavilion to the summit pole.

  • See! I told you your 19:51 from yesterday would stand. But I am chasing you down.

  • antonkrupicka


    I have the same issues with the 100s (fit feels great on uphills and most flats, sloppy on the downhills), and I can’t quite figure out what the problem is. Lots of people have said they think the fit is actually too narrow whereas I feel like it’s maybe a bit too wide through the forefoot. I’ve tried dealing with it by decreasing a full shoe-size (down to a 9.5), but, obviously, this brings other fit issues into play (jammed toes, hotspots on heel). Earlier on in the design process NB gave me a pair with different (thicker) mesh to see if it held the foot better and it didn’t. The last is the same as the 790, but something about the upper material doesn’t seem to integrate as well with the beefier, more protective platform (midsole/outsole unit) of the 100. I thought the fit of the 790 was perfect, but for some reason that same feel didn’t quite translate over to the 100 despite using the same last.

    Strong work on Sanitas!


  • ericbart

    For blisters I buy some material at the drug store meant to put on bad burns. It comes in sheets and is something like 90% water in a gel-like fabric. Just tape that over the blister and it will heal faster and will not hurt.

  • JIm P.

    Counting on it. Can use the incentive to get back on that mountain a bit more regularly…at least until the snow and ice make it not so fun. Seeing Anton’s post in the comments here, I’m wondering what he can do up Sanitas. 15:30?


  • Thanks. I will give it a shot on the next one. I have a feeling more blisters are in my future next year.

  • He has claimed easy pace is 19. FKTs for the route are in the 14s. Will be fun to see!

  • I am no shoe god but it seems like the insole doesn’t have anything to grip to so it slides. I am thinking about hot gluing it in the shoe then lacing up tighter. You wrote you did some mods to yours so I was curious about the details. Was a steak knife involved? 🙂 Never tried 790s. Still trying to find a trail shoe I like. 100s have potential. The lightness probably makes up for a bunch but I feel like if I was racing up Pikes, I would want to change shoes at the top for the pounding on the way back down. Haven’t figured out the shoe strategy for 100 miles yet…